In my studies of the Dutch designer Gerriet Rietveld, I fell over his red / blue chair from 1917, where he worked on some very simple guidelines. This reflects a very simple chair that is able to accommodate both lines and surfaces. When you look at the profile, you get lines, and when you look head on, and then you see the surfaces. In my experiment I would try to form a chair along the same visual ideas, but in my version I would like the materials to be in focus of the design. I changed as an experiment some of the traditional requirements, which went on so that the original red / blue chair was made for all - in a simple assembly form, representing an early form of democratic design. My version has more chippy details where the wood is a key player in the design. The model as shown in the pictures is produced in solid maple.
New R / B Chair are designed to be standing on the terrace, where the consumer would be able to enjoy views and chair in a comfortable seating position.